Shorter vs. Longer Content: Which Is Better for Marketing?

As more brands recognize the value of delivering custom content to their audiences, the question: “How long should my content be?” inevitably works its way into most conversations. Google this question, and you’ll get more than 500 results; with success stories that can be found across the board. Inbound marketing guru Neil Patel draws more than 100,000 visitors to his blog every month, with posts of 2,500 words or longer, while Seth Godin has risen to the ranks of content superstardom with his

How Local Retailers Can Gain a Competitive Edge

As the retail industry faces new challenges from shifting consumer expectations, small, local businesses are realizing that the big chains’ losses can turn into their gain. Big-box stores are closing across the country, and not just because of competition from e-commerce. Industry analysts are also citing a lack of concern for the customer experience and a failure to build personal relationships with patrons, both of which have finally come to a head. In this environment, smaller retailers are

Is a Land Bank Right for Me?

One of the most common questions we hear when people first meet us is “What is a land bank, anyway … and how do I know if I need one?” If you’ve been wondering the same thing, we’ve got the answers you need. A land bank is a bank formed for one central purpose: providing loans for purchasing land and financing other needs of farmers, ranchers, and rural homeowners, such as Both land banks and deposit banks (the traditional banks you see on every street corner in a large city) provide loans, bu